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What are the repair tools for automobiles?


General tools include hammer, screwdriver, pliers, wrench, etc. Special tools commonly used for automobile repair include spark plug sleeve, piston ring loading/unloading pliers, valve spring loading/unloading pliers, Grease gun, jack, etc.

Car repair tools are essential material conditions for repairing cars, and their function is to complete various tasks that are inconvenient for car repair machinery. The correct use of tools in repair work is of great significance for improving work efficiency and the quality of car repairs. Therefore, repair personnel must be familiar with the maintenance knowledge of commonly used automotive repair tools and tools.


There are many kinds of pliers, including lithium fish pliers and Needle-nose pliers commonly used in automobile repair. Slip joint pliers: use hands to hold flat or cylindrical parts, and those with cutting edges can cut metal. When using, wipe off any oil stains on the pliers to avoid slipping during operation. After clamping the parts firmly, bend or twist them again; When clamping large parts, enlarge the jaws. Do not use pliers to turn bolts or nuts. Pointed nose pliers: used to grip parts in narrow areas.


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