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Usage and precautions for socket wrenches


The material and ring hole shape of a socket wrench are the same as those of a box wrench, and are suitable for bolts or nuts with narrow disassembly positions or requiring a certain torque.

A socket wrench mainly consists of a socket head, a sliding handle, a ratchet handle, a quick crank handle, a joint, and a connecting rod. Various handles are suitable for different occasions, with the principle of convenient operation or improving efficiency. The commonly used socket wrench specifications are 10-32m. Many special socket wrenches are also used in the process of car maintenance, such as spark plug socket wrenches, wheel hub socket wrenches, tire nut socket wrenches, etc., as shown in Figures 1-39 and 1-40. Purpose of socket wrench:

① Socket wrenches are mainly used to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts with high torque or special head shapes.

(2) According to different requirements for operating air and torque, connecting rods and suitable sleeves can be selected for operation.

③ When using, attention must be paid to the shape and size of sleeves, bolts, or nuts, and the use of external force application devices is usually not allowed.

④ When using, place the sleeve on the square tenon of the matching handle, and then place the sleeve on the bolt or nut. Hold the connection between the handle and the sleeve with your left hand to keep the sleeve coaxial with the removed or tightened bolt. Use your right hand to hold the matching handle and apply force.

⑤ During the use of the sleeve, hold the connection between the handle and sleeve tightly with your left hand and do not shake it to prevent the sleeve from slipping out or damaging the edges of the bolt or nut. Applying force in one's own direction can prevent hand injuries caused by slipping.

⑥ Do not use cracked or damaged sleeves. This type of sleeve can cause sliding and damage the corners of the bolts or nuts. It is strictly prohibited to hammer the sleeve into the deformed bolt or nut hexagon for disassembly to avoid damaging the sleeve.

⑦ When using a screwdriver socket head to disassemble or tighten screws, it is necessary to check for any debris in the hexagonal or flower shaped holes of the bolt head. Before operation, it should be cleaned in a timely manner to avoid damaging the bolts or injuring people due to tool slipping.

⑧ When using a screwdriver sleeve, be sure to apply sufficient downward pressure to the screwdriver sleeve to prevent it from sliding out of the screw head.

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